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Your Kelowna Website Designer

A website is
your online store

Let people come in

But in order for people to come in, they need to find you. Yeah, you can give them your "address" but that means you will have already interacted with them. How do you reach those that don't know you exsist?

Having a beautiful website doesn't mean anything, if people can't find it. SEO is very important, along with a functioning, user friendly interface to make your customers stay and learn more about your products and services. 

At mouse marketing, we ensure you don't just get a beautifully crafted website, but one that works and can be found online. Unlike other website builders, we include SEO, google business listing setup and we'll hook you up with a facebook pixel too*

*Facebook pixel only if you have a business facebook account setup

If you're looking for clean, simple and elegant designs.
You've come to the right place

You have to build trust and consistency

"We don't have a choice whether we do social media.  The questions is how well we do it"

- Erik Qualman

Having a consist online social media presence in this day and age has become the norm of owning a business. It's how you build trust, reliability and integrity. 

Imagine scrolling through facebook, you see a product or service that interests you. You comment, but never hear back. You look at their page and see they've posted a few time this year but there isn't much interaction on their posts. Now imagine scrolling through facebook, you see a product or service, you comment and within 24 hours you get a reply. You check out their page, they post at least once a week, and have people interacting on every post. 

Which one are you more likely to trust? To buy from? To share information from their account to yours? 

My guess, the latter. 




Your website is really great. Lots of information. Easy to read. One of the best i've seen.

-Customer's Client

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